About myself

Márton László Attila - Nova II. lámpaI was born in May 1971. In 1993 I graduated from the Magyar Iparművészeti Főiskola (Hungarian College of Art and Design) as an interior designer where I also took my master degree in 1995. Between 1996-1999 I studied at the School of the Kós Károly Association. Since year 2000 I have been working as a professional designer. I received Kozma Lajos Scholarship (From computer-driven furniture design to the modelling of furniture) between 1994-1997, and Moholy-Nagy Design Scholarship (The impact of water on forming of objects and space – Designing water attractions for children) between 2003-2004.

Base point

While working in an architect bureau in Miskolc in 1997, I made several excursions to the neighbouring hills of the Bükk. Once, when rain stopped and sun started shining, the rolling water carved canyons into the forest paths. After the rain the sun projected exciting light performance on the water-bed through the flowing water. This great experience of mine materialized during the Moholy-Nagy Design scholarship on „The impact of water on forming objects and space” when I made experiences with light and water, whirlpools and various profiled water flows. As tangible results of the scholarship, a drinking well and a play-stream were prepared on model level. A further step in this process is the NKA financial support: I started developing a lamp FÉNY-TÉR-KÉP (LIGHT-SPACE-PICTURE) where I use my previous experiences.

Why LED?

Using LED has several advantages: it saves energy, has a big exploitation of light and long life-span and can be operated with extra-low voltage. I fell in love with its small size. At first I tried to exploit this, but when I wanted to reach sufficient brilliance, I had to realise that I would need not only one or two LED’s but at least two dozen. This proved to be a turning point in my work since multiple light spots multiply the shadows as well.

The idea

As can be seen from the introduction, multiplied the most exciting subject for me is light and the „light performance” created when light transmitting materials meet. Water and glass offer similar possibilities, so using NKA subsidy I prepared some lamps building on light-shadow effect and refraction of transparent glass. In the first case a sterner, while in the second case a softer „light-image” is created.

The realisation

I prepared a base lamp – we could even call it base light – which, in different positions, can generate different „light-pictures”. In case of NOVA the „light performance” is created by the light going through the glass fused in various forms. In case of CSILLAG several small sticks have been placed on a 60x60 cm plate: they are illuminated by the lamp placed in the middle of the plate. While in the latter formation contrasted light-shadow effect dominates, in case of the lamps with a glass shell this is completed with refraction causing softer light effect.

Sponsor of preparing the lamps is NKA
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